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We are Looking – For New Photographers

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Whether you are a photo major or just love photos. We’re looking to publish your work. Here’s how to get involved.

How to submit:

Photo Guidelines

  1. Be Descriptive
    • Use your full name. In the caption, include as much information as you can: What’s happening in the photo? Who’s in the photo? Link to the corresponding news item (if any).
  2. Tag your photo — Try to choose general topics that will help other users to find appropriate images. Think “Chatham”, “Millenium Park”, “business”, etc. Learn more about tagging.
  3. Title your photo — Titles should be short, descriptive, and interesting. Think “Ice Cream” for a photo of a cone, and “Pepsi Delivery” for a delivery person making a soda drop-off.
  4. Geotag your photos — We want to know where all photos were taken. It is preferable that submitted photos be geotagged. (Flickr has a brief overview of geotagging that is worth checking out)
  5. Add your photos to the Group — Members can add photos to Chicagotalks group by clicking Send to Group at the top of each individual photo, OR, to add a group of photos at once, click

We also post post photographs to tumblr where your work can get further exposure.

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