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Illinois’ Clean Energy Policies to Bring Thousands of Jobs by 2030

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The Union for Concerned Scientists (UCS), an independent non-profit dedicated to scientific analysis, released a new report called A Bright Future for the Heartland that estimates that Illinois’ current energy policies will create 8,400 more new jobs in the state by 2030. This jobs estimate is in addition to jobs that have already been created, and the report accounts for predicted job losses in the fossil fuel sector, according to the Illinois Environmental Council.

Click here to read the full report and access individual state reports.

The benefits of a clean energy economy in Illinois by 2030

Job Creation:
Nearly 8,400 net new jobs from deploying renewable energy and energy efficiency technologies

Economic Development:
Nearly $4.5 billion in new capital investment, $130 million in new income for farmers and rural landowners, and $550 million in new local tax revenues

Consumer Savings:
$4.7 billion in lower electricity and natural gas bills by 2030 ($79 for a typical family)

Diversified Energy Mix:
8,800 megawatts of capacity for generating electricity from non-hydro renewable resources (up from about 2,200 megawatts
in 2010)

Climate Solutions:
Across the Midwest, reductions in global warming pollution from power plants equal to the annual emissions from 30 typical new
coal plants

Read a previous Illinois Environmental Council blog about this issue.

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