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Internation Phone Hacking Spurs Local Action

CMA protesters at Fox Chicago
Calling on FCC to revoke Fox Chicago broadcast license. Photo by Julian Zeng

Chicago Media Action (CMA) invites anyone who has had enough of Fox and the phone hacking scandal, to join them to call “to revoke the licenses of broadcasters convicted of crimes.”

One of the conditions required of holders of broadcast licenses  is that they are of good moral character and not engaged in criminal activity. The new action is scheduled for Sunday, August 7 · 1:00 p.m. – 3:00 p.m. at Fox Chicago, 205 N. Michigan Ave. Check out the details on CMA’s  Facebook Page.

On July 22, the group pulled together a group of people  outside of the Fox Chicago headquarters at 205 N. Michigan during rush hour, in response to a call from  to protest Fox Chicago.

This is an ongoing effort to call on the FCC to revoke the licenses of broadcasters convicted of crimes.

Mitchell Szczepanczyk of CMA  recorded some video which will be assembled into a short film soon, noted that “Interestingly, there was a cameraman affiliated with Fox Chicago see photo below who did record some video and, as we understand it, tried to get the footage into that nights Fox Chicago news broadcast. Unfortunately, that night’s Fox Chicago broadcast didn’t include footage of our protest, but somehow they were able to squeeze in coverage of the growing fad of using fishing bait for womens hats.”

Chicago Media Action (CMA) has a petition to deny in its fifth appeal currently before the FCC, and WFLD Fox 32 is one of the targeted stations.

At the press conference, protesters displayed signs, handed out flyers, rubbed elbows with police and security, and had a generally good response and some positive discussion even with some folks who disagreed with us.

See more photos of the protest by Julian Zeng.


via Chicago Media Action.

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