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Report from the Printers’ Ball Finds Chicago Publishing Flourishing

Print’s Not Dead After All! (A Report from the Printers’ Ball) written by Danielle Chapman includes updates on what went on at the ball as well as a link to some photos. The evening of the ball was one of those humid, close, h

from Chicago Publishes Tumblelog

eatwave times. Lots of attendees left their coaches and other vehicles behind. Bicycles were locked all around the entrance of the building. Arriving a bit late, we found lots of the presenter tables were nearly bare of printed matter. The place was packed. The elevator authors who were doing readings for elevator riders at the beginning of the Ball, had vacated, but the eyeballs and other decorations added a slightly mad but festive air to Columbia College’s 1104 S. Wabash building.

The Book & Paper Center featured DIY rubber stamps and more. There was face-painting to accomodate those that wanted to look a bit zombie-like. Here’s what Danielle Chapman had to say about the evening:

The 7th Annual Printers’ Ball, held last Friday, was once again a living, breathing example of what makes Chicago such an incredible place for publishing these days. While the 2011 theme “It’s Alive” provided a great excuse for attendees to dress more outrageously than usual and partake of the expert zombie face-painters, it was also a reminder that print (i.e. the written word) is more vibrant–and more of a hoot–than ever in the Windy City.

read the entire article  Print’s Not Dead After All! (A Report from the Printers’ Ball) >> CHICAGO PUBLISHES.

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