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Weekend “Don’t Miss These at MAAF” Alert

Don’t forget the Milwaukee Avenue Art Festival this weekend. The avenue will be teeming with art and artists and interested onlookers. Here are just a couple of exhibits that is going to check out. If you have suggestions, add them below!


On July 29, 30 and 31st, check out madpalX & eyeball kid at 2515 N. Milwaukee Ave. for their opening event around  7  or 8 p.m.

This is artists Nancy and David Bechtol’s latest work. . Nancy is a contributor to the Chicagotalks Flickr Photo Group. You can be part of that group, too.
You can check out these sites for more about these two artists


Artasimov patch Patch Project  is a great project that helps young people connect with art instead of violence, as well as creating unique, affordable and political art. The Art Patch Project is growing into an exhibition force and it will be tested out this weekend at the Milwaukee Avenue Art Fest Friday through Sunday.

They will be located at 2747 N. Milwaukee Ave., one block north of the Logan Square Blue line “L” train stop in the parking lot of Pierre’s Bakery.

Volunteers will be screen printing art patches and giving them away all weekend. See the Art Patch Project exhibit on display with Jenny Rotten and some her art-patch creations.  Everyone is invited to come through to pickup the latest art patches and see the updated exhibit.

UMAC and Art-Teez, the force behind the Art Patch project,  received permission to use the art of internationally famous Kelly Freas for two art-patches memorializing the quotes of Isaac Asimov.

How are we all connected by social networks, wireless networks, email, the internet, or instant messaging? How does living in a technologically-driven society influence what artists create? As art can now exist in a number of virtual or physical spaces simultaneously, does the concept of designated gallery space become less important?  Artists themselves can work under a virtual online persona or invent systems that will virtually “create” artwork for the artist, based on randomly chosen presets. SATELLITE 2011: The New Media Arts Exhibition curated by Ryan Scheidt & Jenn Grossman addresses these issues.

Satellite will focus on artists that respond to living and creating new works of art with these notions in the forefront of their minds. The exhibit includes site specific and experiential installations that can exist independently throughout the festival, yet contribute to the meta-exhibition when viewed as a whole.  Check out the Exhibition Blog:

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