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Blagojevich Trial Almost At An End

Rod Blagojevich, Emil Jones and Jeffrey Schoen...
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As people were lined up outside the courtroom Wednesday morning to get their tickets, former Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich approached and greeted almost everyone with a smile and handshake.

Even so, he politely greeted and introduced himself to a few Columbia College Chicago journalism students waiting in line with their media ethics & law professor.

Blagojevich entered the courtroom, took his seat and folded his hands as everyone waited for the jury.

One by one, the witnesses– which that morning included special FBI agents–were called up and interrogated by both sides. Former Congressman William Lipinski was the fourth witness the defense called.

“Other than his [Blagojevich’s] father, I was probably the second most enthusiastic,” said Lipinski about Blagojevich.

Special agent Patrick Murphy testified his account of a March 16, 2005 interview with Blagojevich.  The prosecutors pointed out that the interview was originally planned to be recorded, but was not. On the contrary, the defense pointed out that Blagojevich did not give the response, which forced Murphy to go on without recording.

As U.S. District Judge James Zagel ordered a brief break, Blagojevich was seen walking freely holding hands with his wife Patricia Blagojevich.

The trial’s closing arguments will finish by the end of Thursday.







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