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Remedy for the Oversubscribed

A segment of a social network
Is your network too social these days? Image via Wikipedia

Sal Thomas, writing for TheWeekBehind, provides some good advice for those of us who have over-extended our digital social selves. Summer pace is a bit slower than the rest of the year, so maybe you have time to read, consider and pare down your possibly bloated social network:

It occurs to me that the worldwide web with all of its attractive entanglements, social networks, and log-on conveniences is designed myopically. It is a perfect place if you believe you live in a happy time in a world that goes on into infinity. But what if you want to get out, to cancel that cell phone data plan, to take back all that time spent teaching your thumbs to type on a postage stamp screen? What kind of termination fees are we talking about here? And if the cause of our withdrawal happens to be death, what kind of problems are we creating for the executors of our estate?

After all, we ALL will need to unsubscribe one day. Should we take the time now to write a living will outlining who gets our passwords, our reward points and our Farmville acreage, or begin the long slow process of disengagement ourselves, knowing there will always be some little glowing ember of digital data about ourselves we can never snuff out, not after we’ve spread it out there like a pyromaniac with a flame-thrower.

via Technology: How Do I Unsubscribe? » The Week Behind.

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