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Class and College

by Rachel Strapinski
August 4, 2008 – Class and College takes a closer look at Chicago’s typical college student and how “classism” affects their everyday life. All of the subjects in this series see themselves as working-class but they range across the board from lower-class to upper-class. Each has to deal with a specific class struggle that stems from their race, sex, gender and financial background.

You will meet a fulltime student and employee who has been fighting to keep up with tuition and rent, an immigrant student fighting to find her identity in America, a single father who has to skip class to put food on the table, a homeless dropout who is trying to build a new life, and a hardworking, financially stable student trying to cope in a carefree dormitory.

Multimedia Presentation

Part One-Hold on Hollywood

Part Two- Princess and the Pauper

Part Three – Will Draw for Food

Part Four-Girl Meets World

Part Five – Comfort is Priceless

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