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Recognizing Division & Building Solidarity in the Arts

To Art & Profit is an interdisciplinary performance series augmented with arts-focused dialogues and Carnival-inspired street theater spectacle with events throughout the city of Chicago during March through May.

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The festival pairs Chicago-based artists across discipline and genre, asking them to create performances around select themes and questions:

  • What is the value of creative labor?
  • How can we practice a more conscientious capitalism, one that allows art makers to make a living while still nourishing the human spirit?
  • How can we democratize art production, widening the scope of creative voices and expressions brought to public spaces and stages?

The April weekend series explores the gaps in diverse arts expression and programming, looking at “Why is this lack of diversity culturally significant? How can we make more mindful choices about the kinds of art we make and consume?”

Collaborating Artists: In The Spirit, Siete Lunas Nuevas, Avery R. Young, Boogie McClarin, Nikki Patin, Crystle Dino, Nicole Noland & Fathom DJ will explore these issues in their various performances.

Check it out on Friday April 15 & Saturday April 16 at 8 p.m. at Links Hall, 3435 N.Sheffield

via To Art and Profit | Artistic Collaboration.

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