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Ward Watcher Video: Education Policy | Progress Illinois

This comes to Chicagotalks via Progress Illinois, just in time to help you make up your mind about who to vote for in the election on Tues. Feb. 22.

This particular video was produced by Carissa Williamson and Iesha Pompey who are students of Teresa Puente, Assistant Professor at Columbia College.

The interviewees bring up some interesting points, such as should the mayor be involved in education policy and hiring, and whether the policies that  Gery Chico proposed for Chicago City Colleges when he was Chicago schools chief would hurt or help students there. Watch the video and decide for your yourself.

For more information you can check the Sun-Times Voter’s Guides, the Better Government Association (BGA) voter guide, or WBEZ’s Best Game in Town site.

via Ward Watcher Video: Education Policy | Progress Illinois.

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