8th Ward Aldermanic Update

8th ward Map

Map of the 8th Ward click to download a copy of the map.

The Chicago Tribune endorsed 8th Ward Aldermanic candidate Faheem Shabazz for 8th Ward Alderman. The endorsement noted that  “Ald. Michelle Harris is a faithful Stroger Soldier… Voters should opt for smart thinking and independence. The best alternative is barber-turned real-estate agent Faheem Shabazz, who ran four years ago. ..He knows his ward needs to break away from the Stroger patrimony that put Harris in the job. He is endorsed over Harris and two other opponents.”

The candidate or his office posted a message on the discussion board, noting he was excited to get this endorsement.

Incumbent Ald. Michelle Harris, and candidates Bertha F. Starks, and James L. Daniels also appeared before the editorial board to answer questions and you can read the questions and answers for each of them, but it was Shabazz that got the official nod from the Tribune.

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