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Egyptians Fight for It, Yours is only a Click Away

Pacman mayor race by Alex V. Hernandez
A photo illustration for by Alex V. Hernandez

Even people who don’t usually care might be thinking about politics in the face of the developing situation in Egypt. We don’t need to take to the streets to participate in open elections. We just need to make sure we’re registered and figure out whether to do early voting, vote naked, or go to the polls on election day.

If you live in Chicago, you can start voting now. You can even register if you haven’t already, or change your registration if you’ve moved.

ABC7 has a list of Chicago early voting locations | The Board of Election Commissioners site has even more information, including a link to your voter “safety net.”

Did you move or forget to register, and now with the mayoral and other contests heating up, you wish you could vote. That is what the “safety net” or Grace Period Registration & Voting is all about. But don’t delay, as Feb. 15th is the end of the grace period.

Not sure if you are or aren’t registered? That information is only a click away.

Are you still wondering why honest citizens ought to get out and vote? Listen to Steve Edwards’ “Oiling the Machine” explanation of Chicago political corruption. The BBC radio created a series called “Extreme World” focused on contrasts, and lo and behold, they selected Chicago as their example for the theme “Corruption.” Who would have guessed that?

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