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No More Crybabies At North Side Salon

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Getting a haircut as a child can be a scary, stressful and overwhelming experience.

That’s why the owner of Pigtails & Crewcuts, a salon that caters to children, came up with the idea of making haircuts for children fun and easy — for the small clients as well as their parents.

Pigtails & Crewcuts, at 2660 Navy Blvd. in Glenview, offers an inviting experience  that allows children to forget that they’re actually there to get a haircut. The salon staff provides friendly service as well as uniquely shaped hairdresser chairs and toys that distract children from any haircut fears they may have.

Bob Farster, the owner of Pigtails & Crewcuts, bought the franchise four years ago with the idea that kids are always looking for an experience that is fun and engaging. “We have Disney movies, toys and books to play with,” Farster said.

Pigtails & Crewcuts has custom-kiddie barber chairs that allow children to ride in cabs, fire engines (with a bell), police cars and even airplanes.

According to licensed cosmetologist Theresa Lamb, coming down to kids’ levels and speaking with them face to face provides a softer approach.

“I often use people’s names, like Harry, when introducing a razor to a child. They laugh and think it’s a game,” Lamb said.

Even though the salon is geared toward children, parents also appreciate the easygoing experience that Pigtails & Crewcuts provides.

“It is mostly advertised by word of mouth, by parents or residents who live around here,” Farster said..

One mother said she liked being able to purchase products specifically made for kids at the salon.

Madga Zejer, a financial analyst and mother of Olaff, 4, has taken her son to Pigtails & Crewcuts four times because she didn’t like other salons.

“He cried from the moment he stepped in until we left at another salon, but here the hairdresser grabs his attention every time with a toy or noises that calm him down,” said Zejer.

She said it becomes an easier experience for her to take her son for a haircut because the hairdresser is quick and still does a great job. Zejer’s son wasn’t interested in watching a video, but he stopped crying when he sat and played in the fire truck chair.

Zejer also said it’s a plus that she can get her hair cut there as well. She said she doesn’t need a babysitter because she knows her son is being well taken care of by the staff.

“It’s more relaxing for me to know I don’t have to deal with my child crying,” she said.

Olaff said he loved picking out a toy from the treasure chest after his haircut was over.

“I love getting a lollipop every time,” he said.

Bob Farster said he thinks the experience of going to Pigtails & Crewcuts is more like going to the playground.

“When I tell my son it’s time for another haircut, he gets excited and isn’t fearful anymore because he knows there’s nothing to be afraid of. He thinks it’s playtime,” Magda Zejer said.

Farster said the salon also caters to childrens’ birthday parties and is also associated with the Locks of Love Organization, which donates hair to cancer victims.

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