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Thermos Brand Wants to Give Hard Workers a Coffee Break

Everyone knows that one person in the office who works late, takes on extra projects or has a long commute. Thermos Brand, the leading manufacturer in insulated products, wants to honor those who go the extra mile, and show them that they’re appreciated. Thermos is asking Chicagoans to nominate that co-worker “who goes the extra mile” for a surprise Thermos-sponsored coffee break, complete with treats and free Thermos products, right in their office!

According to a recent survey, respondents said a hot cup of coffee or tea is more likely to put them in a better mood at work and make them more productive. And, only the Genuine Thermos Brand can provide insulated mugs that keep drinks hot and fresh for up to 6 hours. Not only will your co-worker appreciate the gesture of being nominated but they can enjoy hot coffee all day.

Thermos Brand is offering this opportunity to three people in the Chicagoland area during the week of Nov. 15. Visit the Thermos Facebook page and tell them why your co-worker deserves a Thermos Brand coffee break by commenting on any of their nomination posts, or on their wall.

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