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A ‘South Side vs. North Side’ Thing: LGBT Youth In Chicago

A ‘South Side vs. North Side’ Thing: LGBT Youth In Chicago

In response to the number of gay teen suicides across the United States, efforts like the “It Gets Better Project” have sprung up online. Locally there are several resources available to young lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgendered (LGBT) Chicagoans. A minor who lives on Chicago’s North Side and decides to come out can find support and […]

Clout or Coincidence? Some Legislators Keep General Assembly Scholarships All in the Family

The Illinois General Assembly scholarships have become a family affair for dozens of siblings who’ve secured tens of thousands of dollars in free tuition to the state’s public universities since 2003. There’s just one main requirement in the century-old state law that created the legislative scholarship program: Applicants must live in the awarding lawmaker’s district. […]

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