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Drama Ministry Recreates “Tower of Babel”

In the biblical story of the Tower of Babel, generations of people with one common language began building a tower they thought would reach the heavens. But, God came down and confused their languages so they wouldn’t be able to understand each other. One group at a Chicago church describes this tale as the origin […]

Orlando’s Salon: From Uptown to Downtown

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Nigerian salon owner Orlando Ogutoyinbo has lived in Chicago for 17 years, and said he’s tired of the shootings. His salon was originally located on Sheridan and Sunnyside Avenue, a few blocks away from where he witnessed a homeless person get shot. So, to escape gun violence in Uptown, Ogutoyinbo moved his self-named business to […]

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Nigerian Author Branches Out to U.S. Market

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Rotimi Kehinde is a national author who is expanding his businesses throughout the nation. This Nigerian says his mission is to empower young people to discover their God-given talent and give them the resources to fulfill their vision.

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