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Posts published by “Darryl Holliday”

A Tale of Two Turnouts

On several blocks along 55th Street in Englewood, boarded-up homes now outnumber those that are occupied. This street is not unique in the area—a 21…

Local Color: Romantic Tableau CTA-Style

Anyone who rides the CTA frequently has likely come across a few sordid tales. Meetings with Chicago’s strangers, drunks, hustlers and an assortment of other oddities…

Some Aldermen Don’t Need Your Vote

Not every voter will have the opportunity to elect the candidate of his or her choice this election cycle—some simply won’t have a choice. Out…

Crawford, Fisk Plants Allowed to Violate Clean Air Act — Chicago, Citizens Suffering

According to the Illinois Board of Elections website, Aldermen Solis and Munoz--Aldermen of Chicago's two coal-firing neighborhoods in Pilsen and Little Village--have taken a total of approximately $75,000 in contributions from Midwest Generation over the last 9 years—since 2001 Midwest has contributed nearly 1.34 million to various Chicago political campaigns.

Recycling in the City, Not an Easy Task

Welcome to the world of recycling. Unless, that is, you live in Chicago, or more specifically, most of Chicago; in which case your invitation may…

Civil Disobedience on the Rise in Call for Immigration Reform

Questions of Constitutional rights and civil liberties can seem complicated when applied to undocumented U.S. residents; however, the Supreme Court has tended to rule in favor 'natural rights' for all individuals on U.S. soil, regardless of legal status.