Buzzwords: Interviews with Buzz Spector

When is a house a home for writers and creative artists? When it is Sara Ranchouse’s SARA RANCHOUSE PUBLISHING.  

Since 1993, Sally Alatalo has run Sara Ranchouse publishing as a “studio laboratory, collaborative engagement, distribution collective and small business” that supports local artists with readings, events, and a publishing house. The books are quirky, sometimes hand-made, unique, and a vital link to local independent artists.

Buzz Spector

Buzz Spector

Coming up is a showcase for Buzz Spector around a selection of six interviews spanning nearly thirty years showcases Spector’s ideas to do with art, books, libraries and his own history of reading. Spector describes and elucidates his installations, book objects and photographs within an intellectually rich context, provoking stimulating conversation and thought. Spector has designed new page art especially for this publication, including a section that he has individually hand-torn for each book. Other of Spector’s book projects will also be on view.

“Buzzwords: Interviews with Buzz Spector”
Saturday, June 30, 12-3PM
at Zolla/Lieberman Gallery
325 W. Huron St. #1E, Chicago, IL

You can check out Buzz’s art work at artnet, or listen to an interview with Buzz. If you have already purchased “Buzzwords,” please bring your book to have it signed!

“Buzzwords” is the third in a series that focuses on artists’ writings and includes projects conceived particularly for the book format. The first two publications, “Kaysays: Essays and Interviews by Kay Rosen” and “Plah Plah Pli Plah” by Alison Knowles, will also be available to view and purchase. Kay Rosen will also be on hand to sign copies of her book.

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