Chicago Detours Hiring Guides, as Historic Bar Tours Fill Up

Chicago Detours in Action

Chicago Detours in Action

Chicago Detours offers the Good Times Historic Bar Tour on Wed, Thu and Sat, 5:45pm-8:00pm, and Sat 8:30pm-10:45pm during the month of February.

The tour includes appetizers and shared use of iPads with archival photos and videos. It includes some pub time, too. drink, too.

The guides talk about history and architecture around entertainment history, including the origin of the word “jazz,” illegal gambling, a forgotten theater, and the bizarre practices of a high-end social club. These tours are not free, so check the details and  reserve your tour before you go.

They prefer guides with Master’s Degrees, and require teaching experience as well as a background in architecture, art history, or other visual arts. Adjunct professors, freelancers, or anyone else with a flexible schedule are encouraged to apply. Details on how to apply on their website.

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