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What ChicagoTalks Sees April 16, 2011

  • Esquire Rise

    the extinction blues has added a photo to the pool:

    Esquire Rise

    Looking down Oak Street, Chicago, IL

  • Extinction Blues IV

    the extinction blues has added a photo to the pool:

    Extinction Blues IV

  • 1 Winner’s Circle

    Dan Rybicky has added a photo to the pool:

    1 Winner's Circle

    This invitation arrived on my doorstep on Saturday, April 2.

    I’ve had a few encounters with Mayor Clay since moving to Gary in 2008:

    - in front of Michael Jackson’s childhood home:

    - speaking at a press conference with Jesse Jackson before Gary’s Michael Jackson memorial in July 2009:

    I even got video of him later that day addressing the crowd of MJ fans:

    I caught part of his PSA on Gary Public Television reminding us what might happen if we shoot our guns off into the sky on New Year’s Eve:

    And I saw him several weeks ago at the Sojourner Truth House (amazing place, photo here), where I stood so close to him that I could see he was wearing a very thin layer of synthetic hair over his head (photo here).

    I heard rumors that Mayor Clay might have cancer, but on Saturday, April 2, I received this invitation to come to a house just down the street from my own. I was looking forward to meeting and greeting Mayor Clay before deciding on whom to vote for in the May 3rd primary (which, in a city as democratic as Gary, might as well be the general election).

    I had considered running for mayor myself, mostly on the platform of a name change, which would include re-branding the city and creating a new logo, something that I hoped would help the city shake the unsavory associations its name mostly seems to conjure up these days. I would let the people decide in a citywide vote what our new name would be, but my personal preference is Thriller.

    Thriller, Indiana.

  • 5 "Cares"

    Dan Rybicky has added a photo to the pool:

    5 "Cares"

    This was the back cover.

  • (Untitled)

    the extinction blues has added a photo to the pool:

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