Haymarket Reenactment to Commemorate 125th Anniversary.

Police memorial in Haymarket Square

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LET THE VOICE OF THE PEOPLE BE HEARD! a full-scale reenactment of the Haymarket Affair to commemorate its 125th Anniversary, organized by Paul Durica, of Pocket Guide to Hell in partnership with The Illinois Labor History Society, Haymarket Pub & Brewery, Drinking & Writing Theater, Fulton River District Association, and Version 11: The Community.

On May 1st millions of people around the world march to celebrate international solidarity among working people. Did you know that this world-wide celebration of labor and working people began in Chicago in 1886? Workers gathered to demand an eight-hour workday. Police shot several demonstrators and a bomb went off. There was a riot, and whether anarchists or the police were the actual bombers has never been proven one way or the other. The police, government, and corporate powers were out to crush the labor movement at the time. Labor activists were rounded up and railroaded, and sentenced to death. The importance of this historic event has nearly been erased from local memory. Join this day of remembering or hearing about the truth of that day.

Saturday, April 30 · 2:00pm - 5:00pm

What was the Haymarket Riot? Part 1 (below) Click for Part 2 and  Part 3

Meet at Randolph St., between Desplaines and Halsted:

2 p.m.: The Illinois Labor History Society dedicates a new plaque
4 p.m. : afterparty at Haymarket Pub & Brewery (please note the restaurant is all-ages)


Then  join the March on May Day

2 p.m Reunion at Union Park, Corners of Lake St and Ashland
3 p.m March to Plaza Tenochtitlan in Pilsen begins.
4 p.m March Ends and Rally Starts at Plaza Tenochtitlan in Pilsen.

The organizers say “We march because the classic union anthem of “Solidarity Forever” must be expanded to every worker – documented and undocumented, waged and unwaged, those who labor and those who work in the home, students, the unemployed, in the US and around the world. We march because the scapegoating and criminalization of immigrants is a crucial part of the overall attack on working people. We march because anti-immigrant legislation has created the conditions of modern-day slavery formigrant workers. We march because as long as one worker is deport-able, all workers are exploitable.”

After the events, everyone is invited to the POCKET GUIDE TO HELL Haymarket Reenactment Afterparty, 4 p.m., at Haymarket Brewery, 737 W. Randolph (corner of Halsted & Randolph) celebrating the official release of a special commemorative collection from AREA Chicago to commemorate  the 125th anniversary of the Haymarket tragedy, exploring the legacy of Haymarket and the many ways it directly influences art, research, education, and activism in Chicago today. Copies will be on sale.

Contact for order information.

Haymarket 1886:2011 Pocket Guide to Hell, features contributions by and about:
Penelope Rosemont, David Roediger, Alma Washington, the history of Haymarket walking tours, Euan Hague, Paul Buhle, Peter Chanthasena and Anh Nguyen, the Haymarket Historic Landmark District, Paul Durica, the South Chicago ABC Zine Distro, reflections on Haymarket from the shadow of September 11, Holly Nelson, May Day, the Charles H. Kerr Publishing Company, Josefa Mellor and Nick Naber, 134 years of social struggle in Pilsen, Teko Sãso, Anthony Rayson, Josh Otte and Jordon Olson, Jerry Mead-Lucero, Sam Mitrani, alternative Haymarket monument proposals, Samuel Barnett, Lucy Parsons, teaching and learning about Haymarket, Bucky Halker, Nicolas Lampert.

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