What ChicagoTalks Sees March 14, 2011

  • Chris Drew and Mark Weinberg

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    Chris Drew and Mark Weinberg

    Panel with Chris Drew and his lawyer, Mark Weinberg, (and panelist Gregory Koger)
    held at the Tom Robinson Gallery. Feb 18, 2011, 2416 W. North Ave. " Smart Phones and Dumb Laws… Sponsred by Chicago Women’s Caucus for Art, The Ad Hoc Committee for Reason, World Can’t Wait- Chicago & Evanston Chapters. Endorsed by the Chicago Coalition Against War and Racism and Neighbors for Peace.

  • Chris’ First Dollar

    beartnow has added a photo to the pool:

    Chris' First Dollar

    Chris Drew now faces Class 1 Felony Eavesdropping Charges for audiorecording his own arrest–at the time, he was selling art for $1.. I have been documenting for over 2 years Chris. He now faces a jury trial in April. my videos are submitted as evidence. I will be called as a witness. Chris’ first dollar for selling art. on location AIC, Mich Ave. Chicago 2009

  • El high steppin

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    El high steppin

    shoes say it all, out for the night when Chicago goes from winter to spring

  • Samuel Beam, Iron & Wine

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    Samuel Beam, Iron & Wine

    XRT VIP Show
    The Hideout Chicago

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